Geode Finance

Stake Your Avax

1. Choose your favorite Planet and click the Stake Button.

Currently, there are only 1 option: YieldYak.

You will see some statistics about your choice of Staking Pool.

2. Go ahead and input the amount of Avax you want to stake.

You will get less gAVAX than your staked Avax, this is because every gAVAX is worth more than 1 Avax. This is because gAVAX accumulates staking rewards over time.
You are getting the best deal since Portal checks DWP and forces any arbitrague opportunity. This process also ensures your derivative stays healthy.

3. Set your slippage and transaction Deadline

What is slippage?

Slippage is the difference between the shown amount and received amount in terms of gAVAX.
Set it high, if you don't want your tx to fail, but it can be frontrunned.
Set it low, if you don't want it to be frontrunned, but it can fail.
Our suggestion is keeping it low, and increasing it in case your tx fails.

Why slippage is stated here?

If all of your tokens were minted like in any other staking pool you wouldn't need it.
However, if there is a better price in DWP, Portal uses that arbitrague opportunity to give you a better deal than simply minting.
Portal needs to make sure the arbitrague opportunity is captured correctly here.

4. Click to "stake" and approve your transaction

When your transaction goes through, you will have a version of gAVAX, in this case it is named "yyAVAX" since this was the decided name by the Planet's Controller (YieldYak).

5. Add ERC20 to your Wallet

6. Unstake your gAVAX derivative

Simply choose "Unstake" and rest of the process is the same with staking.