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Key Components of the Geode Universe

Get to know the key components

Geode Universe

A collection of multiple Service Providers that benefit from the fee-less, trustless and decentralized infrastructure of Geode Portal.


A Planet can be any protocol, a wallet, an exchange, or a bridge that becomes a member of the Geode Universe. A Planet stands for the community that uses the product that is built on top of their trustless staking pool.
The citizens of the Geode Universe.


An address that secures and controls the funds of a particular Staking Pool.


An address that is responsible from choosing the Maintainer, and Controller of the Staking pool.

Node Operator

A service provider that is specialized in running Avalanche Nodes.
The Heart of the Geode Universe.


A multi-signature address that consists of privileged Planets controlling the state of governance, updates and the other planets in the Geode Universe. Periodically elected by Planets.
The Brain of the Geode Universe.

Geode Finance DAO

A community that works to improve the core product and works towards its adoption in the DeFi ecosystem. Governance suggests updates on the Ecosystem however, these updates cannot be implemented without the approval of the Senate.


An Oracle that is specifically implemented to keep track of the price of various gAVAX tokens in a decentralized manner.
The Eyes of the Geode Planets.


gAvax is Geodes version of Avax. It represents Avax staked by planets in the Geode Universe.
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Get to know the key components