Geode on Avalanche
The Future of
Absolute Decentralized Operational State, ADOS in short, defines a set of future goals for the Geode Developers. By achieving ADOS, will be maintained by a community of developers in a permissionless no matter the state of the organization.

Multiple node operators

Although initially the whole implementation is designed to make Geode Finance the only Node Operator in the Ecosystem, we changed our goals because we believe in decentralization. Any Service Provider can take part in our Ecosystem and become a Node Operator.
Having multiple industry standard Node Operators will bring the decentralization that the Avalanche Community needs for AVAX Validators.

Decentralized Oracles

Currently the Oracle is operated by Governance and it updates the _pricePerShare at the end of every frame. However this is the only implementation that requires trust as this parameter can be used by a Maintainer in an Interface.
One of the first implementations of Governance will be to change the logic of the Oracle with the help from a Decentralized Oracle Network.
After this change the Oracle will store separate data for every representative and update the parameter only when it is requested.

Permissionless Operators

Currently Operators are proposed by the Governance and added with the approval of the Senate. Initially this implementation improves the overall security of the Ecosystem. However, this is unnecessary since maintainers can choose/change their activeOperator.
With an update to the Router contract, these steps will be eliminated and the Ecosystem will be open to any Node Operator. Afterwards, any Service Provider can take part in the Ecosystem without any permission. For example, a group of friends can run their own Validator by using the Geode Ecosystem with the approval of the Senate.

Permissionless Planets

Currently, similar to Node Operators, Planets need double approval from both Governance and the Senate.
After this upgrade, we will remove the need for any approval. Finally anyone can be a Planet and/or a Node Operator. For example, a group of friends can run their own Validators by using the Geode Portal with just 2 clicks without any approvals needed.
After this step, Geode Ecosystem might not need the approval of the Senate for any operation, thus it may be removed.