Geode Finance

Comets (ETH) (WIP)

Private Static Staking Pools

There are some differences between Planets and Comets:
  • Comets are permissionless: It is permissionless to create a Comet, but creating a Planet requires the approval of the Senate since they can vote on Senate Elections.
However, it is also planned to make Planets permissionless with Weighted Senate Elections. Learn more:
  • Comets doesn't rely on "Liqudity" and doesn't use DWPs. Instead it uses Withdrawal Queues.
This means, comets use Static Derivatives, unlike Planets which uses Dynamic Derivatives. Learn more here:
  • Comets are private: only the maintainers are able stake with a Comet. However, anyone can unstake if they received a g-derivative from the maintainer.
Comets are more suitable for personal usage or usage of any other centralized entity.

What are Comets for?

While Dynamic Derivatives are more suitable for Defi, not everyone cares about "instant withdrawals" or "peg strength". However, everyone deserves to isolate their assets Ether to be protected from the tail risk of LSDs and secure their staked assets.
Some centralized entities also care about being compliant to the laws, or wants to use Geode to obtain verifiable staked assets, without paying fees to Centralized Staking Pools.

It does not matter how big or a small a staking pool, Geode aims to be leading Infrastructure Provider for anyone.