Geode Finance

Geode Portal

We have learned about the fundamental building blocks of Geode:

Now, its time to learn about the Trustless Marketplace that creates, maintains and sustains these Derivatives.

The Gateway for Protocol Owned Liquid Staking

Geode Portal consists of multiple libraries outlining different functionalities. These libraries uses, inherites or even extends one another.

Let's find out how the Portal is built.

1. Create a Parent Class that allows the separation of different data types, achieving what we call Isolated Storage.
2. Manage the isolated storage slots in a Trustless way and ensure the future of Global Trustlessness with Limited Upgradability.
3. Provide an easy way for protocols, DAOs or any other decentralized or centralized entity to easily manage their positions within Portal.
4. Hosting all these pools without separating funds seems like a Third Party risk, lets implement mini governances to ensure the Local Trustlessness.
5. Lets create a safe way to update the g-Derivative prices, while keeping in mind that Portal can host absurd amounts of Staking Pools in the future.