Geode Finance

What is the P-Bank?

Telescope calculates the balanceIncrease of each pBank.

Planets activate Node Operators, Node Operators move the funds from Portal (C-Chain) to pBank (P-Chain).

There is no trust issued to Geode!

  • pBank is a specific P-Chain address that is provided for every Operator-Planet pair. For example, Planet A and Operator B would have a unique pBank that is tracked by Telescope.
  • It is specified by the Node-Operator which confirms the collaboration after being allowed to maintain a given Planet's staking pool by the maintainer of the pool.
  • Node Operators must keep all the tokens on the P-chain, specifically in the pBank.
  • All of the validators and delegators that are created by the Node Operators must point to the pBank address as their RewardOwner.
  • Finally, Telescope tracks this P-Chain address to calculate the extra Avax within the Planet's staking pool. Then, it adjusts the price to make things even for users again.