Geode Finance

Bring Your Own Governance

The Maintainer is the main controller of your Planet's Staking Pool. By setting the address as the address of your DAO Governance, you can manage your Staking pool with the votes of your community.

Changing your Maintainer is easy, however it will override the ability of the previous Maintainer immediately.

1. Which address is responsible for governing your DAO.

This might be a developer's address, mostly a multisig of developers' or a Governance Contract's address for you.

2. Double check the new address of your Maintainer.

3. Call changeIdMaintainer() in Portal with id of your Pool and the address of your new Maintainer.

Portal.changeIdMaintainer(uint256 _id, address _newMaintainer)

4. What about your CONTROLLER?

After changing your Maintainer, your first Maintainer becomes the "CONTROLLER", you can change your CONTROLLER if you wish to.
After changing your CONTROLLER, you will not be able to take this action by using your old CONTROLLER address.
Portal.changeIdCONTROLLER(uint256 _id, address _newCONTROLLER)

That's it!

Now your Governance is securing your Staking Pool.