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Manage Your Node Operators

Currently we are working on Avalanche Portal to improve Staking Pool - Node Operator interactions. With an incoming update, Portal will adopt the Open Market approach that is implemented on Ethereum.
Which means activeOperator approach will be abandoned soon.
Learn more about the incoming update:
Learn more here about Marketplace approach:

What is activeOperator?

"activeOperator" of a Staking Pool is a Node Operator that is allowed to create new Validators with the funds freshly staked in your Pool.
  • activeOperator can only be set by your Maintainer.
  • Your Validators that are created by your pool's previous activeOperator will not be affected by this operation.
Because of the P-subchain limitations currently it is not safe to migrate your Validators from one Node Operator to another one.
Thus, you will not be able to change the Node Operator of your previously created Validators. However, you can deactivate a Node Operator and expect your funds to be returned within 15 days.

As a Planet Maintainer you can manage who is allowed to create new Validators with the funds Staked in your Geode Pool.

All of the Node Operators in the Geode Universe use Industry Standard Optimizations and are approved by the Senate, which is elected by the Planets.
Node Operators will be managing and optimizing Validators on behalf of your Protocol, so be careful about the next steps.

How to change your current Node Operator?

Go to Portal

Portal has a function called activateOperator that allows you to choose any Node Operator you want.

What is your ID ?

At this point your ID will be shared with you by our Developers after the approval from the Senate.
You can easily check your id with the following function from Portal:
getIdFromName( {your name} )

What is the ID of your new activeOperator ?

You can check the list of all Node Operators in the Geode Universe here, once we launched( let us know if we didn't update this part :P ).
You can easily check your activeOperator with the following function from Portal:
getID( {node operator name} )

Send the Transaction!

You are ready to change your activeOperator! Simply call the setActiveOperator function from Portal:
Portal.activateOperator({representative ID}, {operator ID});
From now on, your previous activeOperator can not create new Validators for your Staking Pool.

Check your activeOperator and previously activated operators:

Portal.planetActiveOperator(uint256 _id);
Portal.operatorActivationExpiration(uint256 planetId, uint256 operatorId);

Run Your Own Validators with Geode!

Simply set a pBank and start using it. It is that easy!

From now on you can create new Validators for your Staking Pool.

Learn more about how to run validators with Geode: