Geode Finance

Create Your Staking Pool on Ethereum

Geode Team will make Planets permissionless within the next updates.
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With Geode Portal you can create your own Staking Pool in just 3 easy steps.

1. Get in touch with the Geode Developers with the following information:

Which address is going to be the Maintainer (and Owner) of your pool?
You should provide an address as the controller of your protocol. This address can control the most crucial parts of your pool such as gETH interfaces and your pool's fee distribution.
Geode supports any address as a Maintainer, including your DAO!

2. Geode Governance will create a Proposal for the Senate:

  • The Senate can approve or decline your involvement to the Geode Universe.
  • The Senate CANNOT deactivate your Pool after activation.
  • The Senate is chosen by the current Planets and can be re-elected at anytime.
  • The First Senate (called the Founder Senate) is chosen by the Founder Planets.
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3. When the Senate approves your pool, it is ready to go!