Geode Finance

For Node Operators

What's in it for Node Operators?

Emerging Marketplace of Staking Derivatives

Node operators play a vital role within Geodes Marketplace.

By becoming a part of Geode's network, node operators are instantly available for any partner to be able to use their services to manage their staking solution.
By opening our network to all node operators we help to promote validator diversification and allow the free market to determine where the stake goes, rather than any centralized entity.

Integrate once, Operate forever

Once a Node Operator connects to Geode's marketplace, it can provide it's services to multiple staking pools without any changes.

Fast and Simple Integration

We have deliberately made integrating our infrastructure as simple as possible.
Get onboarded easily and start generating fees for your service.
Geode Development Team is here to support all of our partners before and after integration.

Get in early!

Unlike other staking solutions, Geode is a free marketplace between Staking Pools and the Node Operators.
Geode does not use linear distribution, and it is up to Staking Pool maintainers on how many validators that you will be operating.
Get onboarded early and start providing your service. Gain a social credibility and a chance to prove your infrastructure.

Expand your reach and revenue

By integrating with Geode you instantly have an advantage over others as you will instantly be available for any Planet to use your services to manage their growing validator sets.
It is up to you what to charge for your services. Don't forget that it is a competitive marketplace tho.
You will only get exposure to more businesses that need validator services, increasing your nodes under management and revenue streams.

Create your own staking pool

Don't just integrate as a node operator!

Have you got demand to provide liquid staking as an offering to your partners?
Integrate Geode's infrastructure and offer it as an addition to your existing client offerings.