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Protocol Owned Staking Derivatives

Secure Code, Decentralized Infrastructure

A Trustless Marketplace between Liquid Staking Pools and Node Operators.

With Geode, participants can create their own Liquid Staking solution easily, on multiple blockchains.

Why Geode?

Geode Finance is a Decentralized On-Chain Infrastructure Provider.

Geode is revolutionizing the understanding behind the Liquid Staking Derivatives by granting any centralized or decentralized entity the ability to run their own Liquid Staking solution, allowing them to gain various benefits while providing better yield bearing mechanisms to their community.
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  • Removing tail risks introduced by Staking Pools by isolating them.
  • Allowing Protocols to benefit economically, incentivising towards decentralization instead of monopolization.

A Challenging Mission

Geode Finance is founded by contributors who are bothered by the centralization and unfair monopolization of Liquid Staking Derivatives.
The Liquid Staking Derivatives market has shown that there is a tail risk to the whole ecosystem. Geode Finance aims to solve the Monopolization issue with a fresh, scalable approach.
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Benefits of Protocol Owned Staking Pools

Revolutionize Your Protocol Growth

  • Create new products by utilizing your own yield generating token.
  • Earn additional revenue for your treasury by taking an operational fee from your staking pool.
  • Increase your TVL by offering liquid staking to your users and integrating your own token into your products.
  • Provide your users with instant exit liquidity and a fair exchange rate for your derivative with the help of Dynamic Withdrawals

Manage Your Own Risk Profile

  • Easily choose and manage your Node Operators.
  • Remove the tail risk introduced by Third Party Providers.
  • Have complete control over your user's funds, without any access to it.

Instantly Start Building

  • Spend time on improving your protocol, instead of Liquid Staking.
  • Build on top of your Staking Pool with the help of G-Interfaces.
Currently, Geode Finance developers are providing comprehensive help and additional benefits to Founder Planets of Geode. Please get in touch with us if you are considering to create your own Staking Pool.

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