Chain Sync (AVAX) (draft)

Staking is a chain specific problem.

Every blockchain has a different approach to the Proof of Stake, and every approach requires a different solution to be found.

Currently, there are some implementations that are used to solve chain-specific problems of Avalanche blockchains. These are mostly related to the multi-chain structure of the chain.

With this improvement we are aiming to achieve two things:

  • Eliminate chain-specific differences between Portal deployments on Avalanche and Ethereum.

    • Makes development processes easier, allowing us to provide more frequent improvements on the protocol without considering differences within code.

    • Makes onboarding of protocols on different blockchain easier.

  • Increase trustlessness of the Node Operators.

    • Allows us to onboard more Operators.

    • Allows us to decrease costs for Operators.

    • Strengthens Portal.

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