📕Operator Handbook

Operate, Automate, Optimize.

No need to search for other staking pools within the market, or invest your resources into understanding multiple protocols and the way to integrate and optimize your workflow.

Now, there is a global standard.

Geode's marketplace brings the ease of integrating with multiple trustless staking pools at once!

Currently, the Geode Finance developers are providing comprehensive help and additional benefits to Geode's Founder Operators.

Get in touch with us.

No worries, the following steps will not take long. Follow them and see how easy it is to integrate with the Global Standard:

  1. Get Onboarded to Goerli

  2. Initiate your Operator and join the Operator Marketplace

  3. Learn more about the Marketplace and Validator Creation process

  4. Learn how to use the Portal

  5. Learn how to Create Validators

  6. Utilize a maintainer

  7. Manage your Operator

0. Get Onboarded (on Goerli):

Simply provide an address for us to start the Validator Onboarding Process:

320 Goerli Ether will be sent to this address upon onboarding, so you can start testing!

1. Get Portal's address and ABI:

2. Initiate:

After onboarding, you will need to Initiate your Operator in order to join the Operator Marketplace:

3. Now, lets take a look at the Marketplace and Validator Life-Cycle:

4. Finally, we need to learn how to communicate with Portal:

5. We are ready to create some validators:

+ Manage Your Operator

+ Automate Your Tasks With Maintainers

+ Get Ahead of Your Competitors

+ When Its Time, Exit Your Validators.

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