🧯A Solution

An Open Market Built on Top of a Permissionless Global Standard.

  1. Geode's Staking Library utilizes an immutable token that is called gETH. It is the internal database of our Trustless Staking Derivatives.

  • The risk associated with different staking derivatives are isolated.

  1. These derivatives are maintained by Configurable Staking Pools.

  • These pools are permissionless. They can be created by any centralized or decentralized entities, and even solo users.

  1. Staking Pools can easily work with any subset of Permissioned and Permissionless Node Operators, via the Operator Marketplace.

  • These Pools and Marketplace are hosted within a smart contract called Geode Portal.

  1. Operators and Pools are unique, they are not pooled.

  • The marketplace regulates itself with healthy competition.

  1. Portal utilizes a Modular approach on Maintainers, Interfaces, Whitelists, Liquidity, etc.

  • Nothing is decided. Things are customizable. Everything is possible.

  1. Portal defines the interactions between users and pools, and pools and operators.

  • An improved user experience for everyone, without sacrificing any possible features.

  1. Validators are unique and immutable after creation.

  • Changing associated parameters, such as fees, doesn't affect the previously created validators.

  1. Fees are charged after a validator's withdrawal.

  • Protecting the stakers until the previously agreed deal is over.

  1. When a validator is created, Portal no longer holds any ownership on the pooled funds.

  • The Portal is upgradable, but guarded with a Dual Governance.

  1. Withdrawal Contracts are the "owners" of the validators.

  • Every staking pool has a unique Withdrawal Contract that is guarded by the Pool Owner.

  1. Trustlessness and Scalability are secured for future implementations, ensuring future staking innovations can be implemented.

  • To make things like Synthetic Minting, Dynamic Withdrawals, etc. possible, Geode provides a bound liquidity pool as well.

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