The Staking Library

Craft your own solution.

Current State of Staking Derivatives

There are 3 main issues with the current design of the Staking Derivatives market.

  • Monopolization

  • Sustainability

  • Trust

All these issues are significantly related to each other. During our research we concluded that it all comes down to one: Trust.

Geode's Trustless and Scalable solution was designed to fix all of these issues!

To overcome them, we researched and improved our understanding further:

🔥The Issue

Staking Reimagined:

An Open Market Built on Top of a Permissionless Global Standard.

The market was disrupted when the first version of Permissionless Decentralized Exchanges were created. The risk of Centralized Exchanges is theoretically mitigated, since anyone is able to create a Contract Owned Liquidity Pool now.

Geode provides a Permissionless Staking Library that allows anyone to craft, create and maintain their own trustless staking solution.


  • Takes 1 Tx to create a staking pool.

  • Allows choosing a subset of Node Operators, can easily change it afterwards.

  • Every pool is segregated, thus the risk is isolated.

  • Every validator is unique, thus the risk is isolated.

  • Immutable token contract, securing the stakers' tokens.

  • Geode Governance can not upgrade but only propose upgrades on unique instances of the library.

… we don't need intermediaries anymore:

🧯A Solution

Learn how to utilize The Staking Library:

📗Staking Pool HandBook

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