🟢A Validator's Lifecycle

The controller of a Staking Pool can choose any set of Node Operators to work with.

  • Staking Pools give an allowance to the Node Operators.

Allowance represents the maximum number of validators to be created.

  • Node Operators propose a validator with specific details.

  • Every proposal requires 1 ETH from Operator, which will be reimbursed upon activation.

Pool Maintenance Fee, Operator Fee, and validator period is set on proposal.

These parameters can not be changed afterwards.

  • Oracle approves these proposals.

  • Node Operators move 32 ETH from the staking pool to the approved validator.

  • Validators are exited within the validator period.

  • Fees are distributed after the validator withdrawal. However, with partial claiming

Staking Pool can change the allowance at any given point.

As old validators are exited, their stake is redistributed as per the allowance.

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