The Staking Gateway

Geode Finance utilizes a Modular Architecture, making things safer for stakers, and easier for Pool Providers.

The most crucial component is The Portal.

  • Creation and maintenance of the configurable staking pools.
  • Minting new tokens.
  • Securing the Ether until it is staked in a validator.
  • Onboarding new Operators to the marketplace.
  • Management and regulation of the Operator marketplace.
  • Allowing new functionalities to be implemented with ease.
  • Securing it's own codebase from Governance.
  • Various tasks of Oracle.

To achieve these tasks and improve the staking user experience for everyone:

  1. 1.
    We need to make sure every Staking Pool and Node Operator is isolated in a well organized storage space. We can also add new functionalities with ease:
  1. 2.
    We need to define the different parties that will use this storage space, in a secure and generalized way. Thereby preventing any third party access:
  1. 3.
    We need to define the ownership of the funds explicitly, in a way that Portal doesn't hold any responsibility after validator creation:
  1. 4.
    We need to create an upgradability pattern for both Portal and Withdrawal Contracts, so we can prevent Governance from changing these mechanisms inconveniently or maliciously.
  1. 5.
    Now, we can implement The Staking Library. It should manage and provide a wide variety of features for the staking derivatives:
  1. 6.
    We need to have a marketplace for Pools and Operators to communicate easily:
  1. 6.
    We need to have a generalized approach on price updates, that supports infinitely many staking pools: