Changing an Operator's Owner


"CONTROLLER" key stands for the owner of the ID of a given Operators.

Who Is the Current Owner?

const getBytes = (key) => {
 return Web3.utils.toHex(key);

const owner = Portal.readAddressForId(id, getBytes("CONTROLLER"))

Set a New Owner

1. Which address is the new owner?

This might be a developer's address, a developers' multisig, or a Token address.

2. Double check the new address of your Controller.

3. Call changeIdCONTROLLER() in Portal with ID of your Operator, and the address of your new Controller.

Portal.changeIdCONTROLLER(uint256 id, address newCONTROLLER)

Changing your Controller is easy, however it will override the ability of the previous Controller immediately.

After changing your CONTROLLER, you will not be able to take this action back by using your old CONTROLLER address.

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