Prison isolates the Node Operators from the Marketplace, in case they act in a faulty or malicious manner:

  • Invalid validator proposal.

  • Not withdrawing validator funds before the expected exit time.

  • Not routing the block rewards, or MEV rewards to the Withdrawal Contract.

The Prison Sentence for any of these infractions is 14 days.

In the case that a Node Operator with a good track record is imprisoned for an honest mistake, Governance can bail out the imprisoned Operator early.

Geode Governance can also imprison a Node Operator from the Marketplace, which is indefinitely effective.

What happens when an operator is imprisoned?

  1. Can not propose new validators.

  2. Can not stake to beacon chain for previously accepted validator proposals.

  3. Can not change their parameters such as fees, validatorPeriod...

  4. Can not access to wallet, effectively, can not claim their rewards.

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