👾Future of Geode

Improved User Experience

Better Maintainers

pageBetter Maintainers (WIP)
  • LinearDistributionMaintainer - WIP

  • ProfitableDistributionMaintainer - WIP

More is possible, create your own Maintainer:


More Interfaces

  • ERC20Interface

  • ERC20PermitInterface

  • Erc20RebasingInterface - WIP

  • Erc20RebasingPermitInterface - WIP

More is possible, create your own Interface:

🎭pageCurrent Interfaces

Improved Financial Optimizations

  • Synthetic Liquidity

pageSynthetic Liquidity (WIP)
  • Dynamic Withdrawals

pageDynamic Withdrawals (WIP)

Further Decentralization

Currently, there are many components that adds trust component to the Staking Library:

  • Centralized Governance

  • Senate is a Multisig

  • Permissioned Operators

  • Centralized Oracle

We have a roadmap to decentralize every component further.

  • Supporting EIP-4788

pageSupporting EIP-4788 (DRAFT)
  • Quadratic Weighted Senate.

pageQuadratic Weighted Senate (DRAFT)
  • Decentralized Oracle

pageDecentralized Telescope (DRAFT)
  • Decentralized Operators

pageDegen Operators (DRAFT)

Chain Sync for Avalanche Infrastructure

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