Geode Finance

Improving MiniGovernances (ETH)(WIP)

Mini-Governances can also be "mini-Portals".

Geode is a "structural" infrastructure. It is a combination of many things and the centralized functionalities can probably be spread accross these contracts to decrease the trust element.

Currently, only functionality that is provided to miniGovernances is gate-keeping for the staked assets and trustless management of the rewards. However, by enforcing upgrade-approval to these contracts we ensured that the following upgrades will also be enforced to provide more trustlessness.
Currently, we are looking into ways to provide more functionality to these contracts that needs a similar gate-keeping logic. Such as management of the node operators, distribution of the fees and probably anything related to Maintainers.
We believe most of the improvements that allows us to increase the user experience will shape around these contracts in the future.