Being a Node Operator

To be a Node Operator,

Understanding the Node Operator parameters

The following parameters should not indicate a struct. It refers to the parameters stored in the DataStore Library, please check here for more.
operator {
uint fee;
bytes name;
bytes pBank;
address maintainer;


fee of the operator, same for every Planet that you are actively maintaining.
The percentage of fee is limited by MAX_MAINTAINER_FEE global parameter that is controlled by GOVERNANCE.
Portal.getMaintainerFeeFromId( uint256 _id )

Changing your fee

Simply call setMaintainerFee on Portal with your new fee and id.
uint256 _id,
uint256 _fee


The name of your Node Operator, given in the creation process. This cannot be changed.

CONTROLLER and Maintainer

Controller is a superuser. While Maintainer controls most important parts of your Node Operator, CONTROLLER controls the address of your Node Operator Maintainer.
Portal.getCONTROLLERFromId(uint256 _id);
Portal.getMaintainerFromId(uint256 _id)

change your Maintainer

Your Maintainer is responsible for handling the Validator creation process for the Planets, setting your fee, and handling your Operator pool. However, it doesn't control itself. Your CONTROLLER has the ability to change it's address.
uint256 _id,
address _newMaintainer

change your CONTROLLER

After changing your owner, your first owner becomes the CONTROLLER, you can change your CONTROLLER if you wish to.
After changing your CONTROLLER, you will not be able to take this action by using your old CONTROLLER address.
Portal.changeIdCONTROLLER(uint256 _id, address _newCONTROLLER);