Geode on Avalanche
Being a Planet

Understanding the Importance of Maintainers

Maintainers control the Staking Pools of Protocols within the Geode Universe.
With the functionality that is provided to a Maintainer, a Protocol can customize their Staking Pool through the Portal.
With the scalability available within gAVAX, a Protocol can build on top of their Pool easily.
A Maintainer can refer to an individual, a multisig of developers, or a DAO that is governed by people... In any case, it should be noted that:
A Maintainer will be controlling the most crucial parameters of the Protocol's Staking Pool, so that the Staking Pool is useful, profitable and secure for the Protocol's Community.

How to become a Planet?

Currently, the Geode Finance developers are providing comprehensive help and additional benefits to Geode's Founder Representatives. Please get in touch with us if you are considering creating your own Staking Pool.

First of all, let's open the PoS gates for your Protocol:

Now, lets optimize your product's fee structure!

Finally, let's finish this process by deciding who will be running your Nodes?

Do not worry! You can choose not to be operating your Avalanche Nodes.
Remember, you can be your own Node Operator and pay 0% fees!

Want to use your own Frontend for easy access to your community?

Want More? Lets build on top of your Staking Pool.

Secure the Geode Universe

Limited Upgradability is one of the most important concepts introduced by
Thanks to Limited Upgradability, Geode Developers cannot upgrade their contracts without the approval of their users. This creates a more secure implementation and prevents any harmful events that can be caused by Governance, thus removes the trust between users and the developers.

The Senate controls the state of upgradability and is chosen by the votes of all Planets.

Vote for your Planet!

Vote with your community!