Geode Finance

Exiting Validators

There are 2 steps to withdraw your validators to claim your withdrawalBoost and fees:
The below methodology intends to support EIP-4895. However, it shall change and optimized further when EIP-4788 is implemented.

1. Signal

Signal your withdrawals before submitting them to BeaconChain.
Portal.signalUnstake(bytes[] calldata pubkeys)
A false signal, or a withdrawal without signal can cause imprisonment.
Learn more about Oracle regulations here:

2. Wait for Telescope to update

When exited funds arrive to MiniGovernance, Telescope nodes update the data provided by api to public. This info can refer to many things, from price updates to funds waiting in the miniGovernance. To finalize a given exit, signatures of the Telescope Nodes can be fetched from this API to submit to on chain contract, finalizing the process.

3. Fetch the funds.

Call fetchUnstake with the info taken from Telescope's API.
uint256 poolId,
uint256 operatorId,
bytes[] calldata pubkeys,
uint256[] calldata balances,
bool[] calldata isExit
Note that, this function can be called by anyone as soon as the API is updated.

4. Restake!

If you still have enough allowance, and if the pool has enough funds, why not restake.