Geode Finance

Adjust Your Fees

It is important to stay competitive

Geode creates validators with fixed fees, meaning a fixed rate of fees for both Pool Maintainer and the Node Operator is set when the validator is created.
To encourage your users to stake with your pool, a well thought fee structure is needed.
Changes on Maintainer Fees are effective after 1 week to prevent misleading behavior within our marketplace.
Portal.switchMaintainerFee(uint256 id, uint256 newFee)

Collect your fees

It is important to understand that Geode doesn't rely on linear distribution of fees. Fees are distributed once funds reach your MiniGovernance. This can mean either when the validator is exited or a block reward is received.
When you earn some fee it is deposited into your Portal account, and can be redeemed for Ether, any time you want.
Check your account balance:
Portal.getMaintainerWalletBalance(uint256 id)
Redeem your account balance (fees):
Portal.decreaseMaintainerWallet(uint256 id, uint256 value)