Geode Finance

For Protocols

Geode Finance expands the capabilities of Liquid Staking by enabling any Protocol to have its own Staking Solution.

Keep control of your funds, create new and exciting products with your own yield generating AVAX or ETH and generate additional revenue.

Fast and Simple Integration

We have deliberately made integrating our infrastructure as simple as possible.
Open the gates of Proof of Stake to your protocol in just 1 on-chain transaction.
Geode Development Team is here to support all of our partners before and after integration.

Benefits of having your own Staking Pool

Generate Sustainable Revenue

Staking as a service fees is an incredibly reliable and sustainable source of revenue.

  • Simply integrate your own staking derivative into your own products and start generating fees for your protocol instead of giving it away to staking pools.
  • Choose your own fee structure and spend your fees as you see fit. Increase your runway, add a revenue stream to your DAO's token, the choice is yours.
  • Create new use cases and Auto-Staking Contracts to stake "Behind the scenes" easily with Geode's infrastructure.

No Fees taken by Geode

Geode Finance does not take any percentage from the staking rewards.

Manage Your own Risk Profile

Instead of integrating other staking derivatives and exposing your protocol to tail risk, eliminate any 3rd party risk with Trustless implementation of Geode.
  • Choose your Node Operators to work with.
  • Easily keep your derivative healthy with the help of sustainable dynamic derivatives.

Take control over your Funds

Geode is giving complete security of treasury and user funds to the Planet Maintainers

Use your treasury funds to create validators without issuing any trust to Geode, thanks to miniGovernances.
  • Geode's Limited Upgradability means our contracts can not be upgraded without your permission.
As a protocol, wallet, exchange or a bridge, you will be your own maintainer, which means you own the address that secures the funds staked within your staking pool!

Increase your TVL

Find a name and icon for your new staking derivative to suit your project and goals.
Congratulations, any stake captured from your new staking solution is now your TVL.

Stop giving your TVL and fees away to third parties and keep all of the value that staking offers within your own community.

Offer higher APRs

Thanks to Dynamic Withdrawals, your token also receives the arbitrage profits coming occured when your derivative depegs.

Keep your derivative healthy while offering higher APRs compared to traditional staking providers.

Bring your own Governance!

Geode is designed for DAOs.

Use your protocols Governance Token to manage your Staking Pool.

Learn how easy it is with Geode: