For Protocols
What's in Geode Universe for Protocols?

Geode Finance expands the capabilities of Avalanche Staking by enabling any protocol to have its own AVAX Staking Solution.

Keep control of your funds, create new and exciting products with your own yield generating AVAX and generate additional revenue.

Benefits of Joining the Geode Universe

Currently, the Geode Finance developers are providing comprehensive help and additional benefits to Geode's Founder Planets. Please get in touch with us if you are considering creating your own Staking Pool through us.

Bring your own Governance!

If you decide to use your protocols governance model as your Maintainer address, you can also manage your Staking Pool with your current DAO Governance in the Geode Universe.

Manage your own risk profile easily

Thanks to Geode's trustless design, you can minimize your risk by choosing your own node operators.
You are not forced to trust a Staking-as-a-Service protocol's choice of node operators.

Trustless and decentralized implementation, that eliminates the 3rd party risk contrary to Centralized Staking Protocols.

Gives projects the ability to create new yield generating products.

With the revolutionary design of gAVAX, the extent of scalability is mind-blowing!

Benefits to your treasury.

Protocols can benefit from the staked funds by setting any percentage of fee on the rewards accumulated by their users.
You can check our suggestions on how to adjust to the right fee structure.

No Fees taken by the Geode Governance

Geode Finance does not take any fees at any stage of the staking process.

Full control over your Funds

Geode is giving complete security of treasury and user funds to the Planet Maintainers.

As a protocol, wallet, exchange or a bridge, you will be your own maintainer, which means you own the address that secures the funds staked within a pool of your Planet!

Liquidity Provider (LP) opportunities for their users via their own gAVAX staking token.

Geode Finance's core product Dynamic Withdrawal Pools, provides Liquidity Pools where users can use Liquidity Pools of their choice to swap between different protocols within the Geode Universe.

On top of all these benefits, we have a smooth and simple integration.