For Stakers
What's in Geode Universe for Stakers?

Staking AVAX within the Geode Universe, through one of our Planets, gives you access to a wide and growing range of Staking products.

Earn yield on your AVAX and likely be charged less than traditional vanilla staking providers while having the option to swap it in just 1 transaction for another planet's Staking Token as you see alternative yield opportunities.

Benefits of Staking with Geode Planets

You can keep earning in DeFi while your AVAX remains staked.

  • LP with gAVAX to generate yield and take advantage of potential token incentives from Planets.
  • Deposit gAVAX as collateral for a loan
  • Deposit gAVAX into yield strategy vaults or LP traditional token pairs, such as USDC/AVAX using gAVAX to increase your yield eg USDC/gAVAX.
  • Keep your validator rewards while being a Liquidity provider.

Contribute to your favourite DAO’s future.

Instead of paying fees to Centralized Staking Pools, you can stake directly to a DAO that operates its own Planet in the Geode Universe, helping them to generate additional revenue.

Easy transition between Planets

The Staker does not need to withdraw and redeposit to change their choice of Planet(Protocol). They can simply use Geode to swap their gAVAX tokens for another Planet's gAVAX token.
Do not spend your precious AVAX on gas, you only need to do one transaction!

Geode charges no fees

Geode does not charge any fees to Stakers. Geode simply allows stakers to choose between a variety of planets. The planet itself can decide on what percentage they want to charge for the staking service Geode enables them to offer.

Be a part of the future of the Staking